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Here are a few of the exciting work we have done so far. Sometimes it's hard to get pictures or share stories as some families want to stay private, and sometimes we are just so excited to be helping, we forget to take pictures.

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Build A School

Our biggest project to date. We are working with the locals and the government of Sunamganj to build a school for 400 children in a remote village.

An ongoing project so to stay in touch please visit our dedicated page.

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Education for those in need

It's great being able to support these three brothers and keep them in school rather than working to help provide for their large family. Two of whom are top performers in their class now.



Water well success

Very proud moment when the village of Sofer Gow in Bangladesh got our water pump. Sofer Gow is a small village with about 1,500 residents, a school and a local masjid. Our water pump is located on the main street in the centre of the village, making it easily accessible. 

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